Demon Driven to the Maw

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In the world of Cairn adventure modules, there are your classic forest mysteries and then there’s Demon Driven to the Maw. Leave the woods behind and crawl a supernatural historical gala instead! Yes! You, too, can explore a Satanic party in a 16th century Scottish castle (a party automatically becomes “Satanic” if Satan is in attendance). A thief has hidden a magical jewel somewhere inside the castle where this party is taking place. Enter, mingle, find the treasure, and get out – if you can.

  • 16 pages
  • Makes an excellent one-shot
  • Written for Cairn but compatible with the new-school, old-school-inspired RPG of your choice

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Brad Kerr


Crime, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy

RPG Systems

5E, Cairn, OSR-Friendly

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, GM-required, OSR

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