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Delve + Rise + Umbra Bundle


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Delve, Rise, and Umbra are three solo games by Anna Blackwell that all take a different twist on the same core mechanic: map-making.

In each of these games, you play as the commander of an underground base of some sort, slowly drawing and expanding your base room by room, making discoveries and waging combat as needed as you progress. Bases are built on grid-based system, with card draws determining what you find and what you can build. They’re drawing / journaling games with light tactical elements, akin to games like XCOM, dwarf fortress, or Fallout Shelter.

Knave of Cups is offering these games in a single set of three zines. Each zine is a standalone game, but there are rule suggestions to help combine them.


The first game of the series. Dig out a hold for your clan of dwarves and explore the wonders the caves contain. 44-page Black & white saddle-stitch zine.


Play as an evil overlord and expand your wicked dungeon, populating it with monsters and traps. Create a dungeon to be used later in another TTRPG! 41-page Black & white saddle-stitch zine.


Command a military space station and fend off alien threats from below and above! 44-page Black & white saddle-stitch zine. 43-page Black & white saddle-stitch zine.

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Anna Blackwell


Fantasy, Sci Fi

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Journaling, Solo