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Dating.sim is a light-hearted romance roleplaying game inspired by the TV show The Dating Game as well as the “dating simulator” video game genre. Dating simulators are narrative-heavy games where players can date one of multiple eligible characters via choose-your-own-adventure-style conversations. Make the right choices and a character might like you more, make the wrong choices and they might like you less.

Let’s be honest, even “serious” dating shows are a little bit funny. One person trying to pick their “perfect match” based on awkward questions and manufactured situations? Some might say cringe. We say try your hand at maximally-entertaining romance with Dating.sim!

Like a real dating simulator, round one finds the Lead asking questions of their suiters, called Dates. Each player controls one Date, answering with the competitive goal of capturing the Lead’s interest – winner goes a special outing with the Lead (of course). Unlike a real dating competition, however, round two asks all remaining players to take turns piloting the Lead, while the Date awards them all points for most amusing, creative behavior. And absolutely unlike a real dating competition, the player with the most points gets to decide how the story ends!

Dating.sim is one of six titles in Possible Worlds Games’ genre collection of mini-games, each bound like a color-coordinated mini spiral notepad. Designed to be quick to learn and low prep, but with enough depth you’ll never tell the same story twice.

  • For 3 or more fans of retro game shows and/or dating simulators
  • Requires a stack of notecards, writing utensils, a d6 die, and a timer
  • 4″x 6″ wire-bound notebook – 22 pages, color cover with b&w interior
  • Part of the six-game Possible Worlds series

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Possible Worlds Games


Comedy, Retro Nostalgia, Slice of Life

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GM-Less, Non-Violent

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