Damn the Man, Save the Music

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Can you appease a has-been rockstar, sell enough CDs, and find true love? You’ve got from 10am to midnight to try. It’s very likely that everything will go wrong, but at Revolution Records, that’s business as usual.

Damn the Man, Save the Music follows the proud tradition of 90’s slacker comedies. Love Dazed and Confused? Empire Records? Never seen ’em, but love silly teen comedies? Become the cool-kid record store employee you were always meant to be! Goof off! Hatch plans! Channel your angst into the fight to save your indie haven from corporate overlords!

  • Requires 3-5 players and 1 GM
  • 103-page, full-color 6x9x.25″ softcover book
  • Illustrations by Evan Rowland

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Comedy, Retro Nostalgia, Slice of Life

RPG Terms

GM-required, Non-Violent, Storytelling