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All has come to ruin.
Castles crumble into dust as Mother Earth slowly dies
An age of wondrous monsters and weary heroes has come,
an age rife with adventure and peril…

CYST is a game about making your own fantasy world. It comes with D8 tables to roll on, allowing you to create your own settings, stories, adventures, monsters, dungeons, and treasures! Once your world is complete, grab a few friends and a coin and explore it together! It is 16 pages long and bursting with colour and evocative collage!

What is CYST? CYST is a rules-ultra-light ttrpg. CYST is a generative adventure-building tool and world-building game. CYST is a series of d8 charts with a bit of rules thrown in for good measure. CYST is a world of dark and psychedelic fantasy, acrid with the smell of rot, wreathed in rainbow-colored vapors.

This is the second-print edition of CYST, from minimalist TTRPG creator Jamzilla, with updated art and layout. Compact, highly imaginative, and succinct, CYST is a tiny treasure in zine form.

  • Full-color, 14 page, A6 saddle-stitch zine

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Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Psychedelic

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GM-required, OSR, Solo

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