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CRESCENT B/X is an extra-light fantasy role-playing game for going on odd, whimsical adventures. To play, you and your friends embody characters in a world of your making—either by using a role-playing setting book, lifting from your favorite book or series, or creating a new world altogether.

Weird Fantasy in the New School Revolution (NSR) style and world-oriented (not rules-oriented) in the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution (FKR) style, Crescent B/X is a full-color, lushly illustrated RPG that comprises exactly six pages. Among these, you will find: guidelines,  1-2 rules (depending on your interpretation), and a character creation table.

Grab your crew, pick a setting, agree on how the place you’ve chosen operates, and have an adventure! It’s like playground pretend with a particularly serious, world-buildy kind of kid. This bundle also includes 4 bookmarks, each a ready-to-play character, as well as Whychwood Fair, a ready-to-play adventure designed just for Crescent B/X

Now this is an ultra-minimalist game. A micro-game. A rules extra-extra-lite game.

  • Bundle includes: six-page micro-game, four character reference bookmarks, and Whychwood Fair

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Ema Acosta


Fantasy, Surrealism

RPG Systems


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OSR, Storytelling

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