Court of Blades


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Court of Blades takes place in the vibrant, fantasy renaissance city-state of Ilrien, in a world populated by scheming nobles, court magicians, and dashing duelists.

As a noble retainer, you will engage in the polite civil warfare of the great families. You will host lavish balls, and manipulate the courts, uncover the plots of your rivals, protect the city from arcane dangers, manage your own intrigues and personal scandals, leverage your reputations, connections, and so much more.

Court of Blades is a Rococopunk game built in the Forged in the Dark system made popular by Blades in the Dark. Set in Ilrien, a baroque city-state reminiscent of renaissance Venice or pre-revolution Versailles, ruled by powerful and rich houses who employ devious spies against each other to shift the balance of power in their favor.

In addition to a complete, campaign sized setting, Court of Blades also includes romance mechanics, original playbooks, rules for creating your own aristocratic house, and crafting and rituals. All accompanied by lovely black & white comic-style illustrations.

Don’t forget to check out the Court of Blades Expansion Bundle for even more lace & dagger coolness!

PDF download of core book and quick start included
  • 238 pages, various formats, A5 size, color cover, b&w interior

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A Couple of Drakes


Fantasy, Historical, Spycraft

RPG Systems

Forged in the Dark

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GM-required, Storytelling


Hardcover, Hardcover (seconds), Softcover

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