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Court of Blades Expansion Bundle


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Excited about Court of Blades and looking the full, deluxe physical experience? Well, you’ll want to grab this great bundle of extras while supplies last! Two short zines of additional game content, as well as a map stickers, and a bookmark.

The Companion Zine by A Couple of Drakes

PDF Download included with purchase

The Court of Blades Companion Zine is a 25 page booklet full of additional setting material and mechanical options to enhance your Court of Blades game. Inside you will find:

  • Four Ways to Draw Blood- Unlock the secrets of Ilrien’s Bravura, the famed sword schools of the Bravos who ply their trade with grace and panache in the Court of Blades and the courts of the Princes.
  • The School of Hard Knacks: Attend courses at the Scholam Naturalis and unlock new and interesting ways to prove your mastery of the arts arcane, complete with new Rituals, gear, and contacts.
  • City Fare: Bring your appetite as we learn what’s on offer at some of the finest (and most dangerous) restaurants and watering holes in Ilrien.
  • Front Page Broadsheets: See the goings-on throughout the social season as the Broadsheets deliver exciting scenario starters and the city’s most eligible paramours .
  • Speaking Silver, Meaning Brass: Learn to speak like the Ilrienne with a handy guide to common idiomatic expressions used from the Twist to the First Prince’s Palace.

The Community Zine by various writers

PDF Download included with purchase

The Court of Blades Community Zine is a 36-page zine that includes additional factions, areas of the city, noble skullduggery, renaissance magic, monstrous alchemy, and even a selection of oracular tools drawn from the Lady’s Tarot to further bolster and enhance your Court of Blades games.

Featuring :

  • “Machinations of the Noble Houses” by Diogo Nogueira of Oldskull Publishing (https://oldskull-publishing.com)
  • “The Circuierunt Soles” by Shawn and Peggy Carpenter of Troupe Games (https://troupegames.com)
  • “Monster Essence” by Kristin and Tim Devine of Dice Up Games (https://www.diceupgames.com)
  • “Lady of Visions Tarot Deck” by Nychelle of Voidal Space (https://www.voidalspace.com)

Cool Extras

  • A fold-out map of the city-state of Ilrien
  • Colorable stickers of the house crests
  • A bookmark featuring cover art for the game

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A Couple of Drakes, Diogo Nogueira


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