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Aliens are reaching out to us, communicating through music! Embrace a tarot-driven, playlist-building, science fiction mystery!

Contact is structured around the Anamnesis system, but unlike Anamnesis, Contact is a multiplayer game. First, your group will use the symbolism from a series of tarot card draws to create a playlist. Once it’s complete, you’ll randomize it and hit play, attempting to interpret the extraterrestrials’ intentions in the songs they’re sending you. Is an invasion on the way? A peaceful encounter? Listen on and find out 🎶🛸

  • Requires a tarot deck, a way to compile a playlist, and something to play music from
  • 24 pages, staple-bound half-letter (5.5″ x 8.5″) zine, color cover and interior

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J Stroutman


Mystery, Sci Fi

RPG Systems


RPG Terms

Diceless, GM-Less, Party, Storytelling, Tarot-driven

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