Clean Spirit

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What is it about cleaning that clarifies your mind as well as your space? Letting go of clutter relieves your heart of old, heavy feelings while caring for your belongings stirs happy memories and nostalgia.

Designed for a single session but easily played longer if characters would like to take their time, Clean Spirit is an introspective, storytelling game in which a group of friends clean their space together. Maybe your Dragon Game adventuring party wants a slice-of-life break – a neat way to chill, remenisce, and get to know one other better. Or maybe you simply want a rules-lite, cozy standalone game about memory and connection. Regardless, Clean Spirit is the way to go. Modular and system agnostic, Clean Spirit can be played in any setting! After all, everyone needs to tidy up, from elves and astronauts to college kids and cryptid roommates.

  • Requires at least one six-sided die, a handful of tokens, and character sheets (or a way to track your progress)
  • Suitable for play all on its own or use it in conjunction with the adventure system of your choice – kick off a campaign, run an epilogue to say farewell, or simply add it as a slice-of-life session in an ongoing campaign
  • Made with a modern fantasy setting in mind, but easily adaptable to any world

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Cassi Mothwin


Fantasy, Slice of Life

RPG Systems

5E, System-agnostic

RPG Terms

GM-Agnostic, Storytelling

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