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CHOROGAIDEN or Eldritch Story (チョロ外伝) is a tabletop rpg involving classic Japanese horror combined with eldritch mysteries.

Why did the local art gallery start displaying fleshy sculptures? Who is the stitch-faced lady that lives in the cave down by the beach? Why do people avoid the lighthouse? Discover and solve these sinister cases as the world begins to bubble and boil. Something beyond reason is out there and if the players aren’t careful it might notice their meddling in its plans.

We love an anthology! Horror anthologies, especially – creepy short stories, connected by place and time, meant to weave together the threads of a sinister mystery. Take on your own set of unsettling events with CHOROGAIDEN! Forces larger than the mind can imagine are toying with the residents of a small Japanese town. Are these issues unrelated? Or are these strange occurrences merely symptoms of something else, something from another place, something so vast it does not consider humans significant at all?

CHOROGAIDEN uses a unique Pool system, in which a well of non-replenishing dice represents each player’s health – players can select any amount to overcome challenges, but tire themselves as they progress. Additionally, the Weaver (GM) preselects a series of numbers that represent the Eyescape, the attention of… whatever’s out there. The more actions players take, the more players roll. The more players roll, the higher likelihood they’ll match a number on the Eyescape, triggering the Iris Focus of dangerous, bizarre forces.

In other words, the more you investigate, the more you notice. The more you notice, the higher likelihood something will notice you right back.

  • For fans of horror anthology media like World of Horror and Junji Ito’s many wild works
  • 40+ pages, 5.5″ x 8.5″ fully-illustrated, full color zine
  • Cover printed on recycled 100 lb stock through a locally-sourced professional printing company, interior pages are 70 lb stock
  • English version

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Neon Rot


Dark Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

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Gamebook, GM-required, Storytelling

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