Chessex Vortex Orange 30mm Single D6 Dice


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Use a die twice as big as normal and marvel at the difference in your mood. We promise: a 30mm die imparts a gravitas upon your journey simply unattainable with smaller dice.

Vortex Orange dice boast black pips against an intense swirl of shimmering color suspended in a clear acrylic. Bridge the worlds of molten lava, blacklight raves, and 0% juice orange drinks. Perfect for fire mages, explosive space battles, braving the scorching underworld, and anyone who just really, really loves Halloween. Want a 90’s retro arcade vibe? Try ’em alongside Vortex Lime Green dice.

  • Sold individually – one “large” 30mm die
  • UV reactive
  • Each die is unique – yours will vary from the one pictured
  • DV3003

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30mm – large


Vortex – Orange