Chessex Vortex Bright Green Polyhedral 7-Die Set


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Behold the green that defined an era: the shade of goo meant to fall on game show contestants, the color of a boxed citrus-flavored drink with questionable fruit content, the go-to indicator of toxic waste, radioactive things, and really cool rollerblades.

Vortex Bright Green dice are an intense lime green swirled in clear acrylic with black pips. They’re the perfect companion for trips to the toxic acid pits of the forbidden dimension, or maybe just a fighting game tournament at the roller-rink. Great for cyberpunks, slime junkies, and teens of all ages. These dice are UV reactive as well. It’s true – these dice are here to party.

  • Excellent for playing any number of popular games about cavernous mazes and/or fire breathing lizards
  • Set includes seven “standard” 16mm polyhedral dice in a plastic storage box
  • UV-reactive
  • Each die is unique – your set will vary from the one pictured


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Nebula – Nocturnal


16mm – standard