Chessex Nebula Wisteria Polyhedral 7-Die Set


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Ready for an adventure? Take a Jazz Solo cup cosmic bowling with Chessex Nebula Wisteria dice! Usually we’d have more to say, y’know, really drive home the fantasy aspect, give you suggestions for characters who might vibe with this aesthetic, but no. Jazz Solo Cup. Cosmic bowling. That pretty much covers it.

Chessex Nebula dice are made from a clear base swirled with a generous cloud of pigment and a suspension of Luminary glow-in-the-dark, UV-reactive particles. The Wisteria colorway, like the aforementioned drinking implement, is teal, purple, and white. Under a blacklight, the dice light up like a starry sky and the white pips glow purple.

  • Excellent for playing any number of popular games about cavernous mazes and/or fire breathing lizards
  • Set includes seven “standard” 16mm polyhedral dice in a plastic storage box
  • UV-reactive
  • Each die is unique – your set will vary from the one pictured

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16mm – standard


Nebula – Wisteria