Chessex Heart Pip D6 Dice Sets

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Will you be our Valentine?

(You can say no. Knave of Cups is a business and you are a person and that could be weird.)

You know what’s less weird? Heart pip dice! That’s right, celebrate Valentine’s Day with us by grabbing a set of thematic d6 dice. Instead of dots, they have little hearts for pips. Little hearts!! Charming and functional, how great is that? Give ’em as a gift or keep ’em for yourself. Each set includes six standard-sized dice in one of eight (random) delightful Chessex colorways. We’ll pick for you.

In the words of Jen’s favorite author, LOVE IS REAL!

  • Set includes six 16mm d6 dice
  • Some colors are UV reactive, others also glow in the dark
  • Your set will be chosen at random from eight possible colorways: Borealis Pink, Cirrus Purple, Festive Circus, Festive Pop Art,  Festive Waterlily, Glitter Ruby, Nebula Red, and Vortex Pink

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16mm – regular

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