Chessex Gemini Astral Blue 30mm Single D6 Die


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Use a die twice as big as normal and marvel at the difference in your mood. We promise: a 30mm die imparts a gravitas upon your journey simply unattainable with smaller dice.

Gemini Astral Blue dice are the soft, shimmering lights you see that bring you peace and comfort just before you freeze to death. They are marshmallow fluff with the unsettling addition of Pop Rocks, a majestic wolf in the snow with a fresh kill.

Traditionally the name Gemini would imply two of something. The Chessex Gemini Astral Blue colorway is actually a combination of three colors: flat white, iridescent light blue, and iridescent dark blue, giving each die a neat visual texture while blood red pips add to the contrast.

  • Excellent for investigating arctic horrors and other frozen mysteries, also if you want your dice to echo the vibe of a pair of expensive sneakers
  • Sold individually – one “large” 30mm die
  • Each die is unique – yours will vary from the one pictured
  • #DG3057

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