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Chessex Festive Waterlily 50mm Single D6 Die


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Behold this absolute unit, this absurdly enormous, beautiful die that we found just for you, a fellow appreciator of curiosities. A fabulous gift for anyone who’d enjoy becoming the steward of a die larger than a golf ball.

Chessex Festive Waterlily dice have been imported just for you from an alternate universe in which Back to the Future’s 1955 prom, “Enchantment Under The Sea,” was actually a warehouse rave. For those less-experienced with inter-universal trade, this AU event was composed of basically identical plot points and decor but Marty McFly was a DJ.

Festive dice use ribbons of pigment to achieve a marbled effect. The Waterlily colorway is an opaque white base shot through with a swirl of shimmering UV-reactive color – blue, green, and magenta. Under blacklight, their green and magenta stripes glow and their white pips glow purple.

  • Totally functional but also makes a great paperweight
  • Sold individually – one “jumbo” 50mm die
  • UV-reactive
  • Each die is unique – yours will vary from the one pictured

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50mm – jumbo


Festive – Waterlily

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