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Chessex Festive Pop Art Mini Polyhedral 7-Die Set


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A tiny polyhedral set for tiny adventures. Really, these dice are so small. Hilariously small. And conveniently portable, if you want to look at this from a more practical standpoint.

What is this, a set for ants?

Festive Pop Art dice are a fresh, spring dream in the sun and a cosmic bowling-flavored trip under UV lights. They’re the forbidden jawbreakers from the 25 cent machine. Perfect for the kind of person that is just as likely to get super stoned with their pegasus as ride it into battle.

Chessex Festive dice use ribbons of pigment to achieve a marbled effect. The Pop Art colorway is an opaque white base with cotton candy swirls of pink, orange, and teal. Pips are inked in blue.

  • Excellent for playing any number of popular games about cavernous mazes and/or fire breathing lizards
  • Set includes seven “mini” 12mm polyhedral dice in a plastic storage box
  • UV-reactive
  • Each die is unique – yours will vary from the one pictured
  • #20544

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Mini – 12mm


Festive – Pop Art

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