Chessex Festive Circus 30mm Single D6 Die


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You’re a kid! And someone just gave you bubblegum ice cream! It’s ice cream, but flavored like gum and with more gum suspended inside. Is it candy, food, or gum? Should you chew the gum simultaneously as you eat the ice cream? Or spit it out, un-chewed, and save it for later on a napkin in an unattractive, sticky glob? Alas, it’s too late, while you panicked about this dessert dilemma, your ice cream has liquefied. Unnaturally bright dyes leech off the individual gumballs, running together into a sugary puddle of rainbow goo. Congratulations, this is the precise vibe captured by the Festive Circus dice.

Use a die twice as big as normal and marvel at the difference in your mood. We promise: a 30mm die imparts a gravitas upon your journey simply unattainable with smaller dice.

Chessex Festive dice use ribbons of pigment to achieve a marbled effect. The Circus colorway is an opaque white base with black pips shot through with a swirl of UV-reactive neon color – pink, orange, blue, and yellow.

  • Great for phasing slowly between the many multicolored, luminous realms of reality or for investigating the disappearance of a troupe of clowns under suspicious circumstances.
  • Sold individually – one “large” 30mm die
  • UV-reactive
  • Each die is unique – yours will vary from the one pictured
  • #DF3062

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30mm – large