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Chessex Borealis Icicle/Smoke 30mm 2D6 Set


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Use a die twice as big as normal and marvel at the difference in your mood. We promise: a 30mm die imparts a gravitas upon your journey simply unattainable with smaller dice.

We curated this pair of oversized d6s to go with WolfSpell, a frosty and wild 2d6 RPG printed on a tri-fold LP cover. In normal light, they both have an icy and cold glimmer, as if a blanket of snow atop an unforgiving boulder. But shine a UV light on these dice or charge them in bright light and bring them into the dark, and a wash of glowing green flecks becomes apparent, reminiscent of constellations in the night sky.

Chessex Borealis dice suspend waves of fine, color-shifting blue to lavender glitter in a translucent base. The Icicle colorway is clear with thin wisps of white ink and blue pips. The Smoke colorway is clear with a storm of black ink and white pips. Both dice contain a suspension of Luminary glow-in-the-dark, UV-reactive particles that, while otherwise invisible, glow green.

  • Excellent for investigating the cold and wind-swept tundra.
  • Sold as a pair – two “large” 30mm dice
  • Each die is unique – yours will vary from the one pictured
  • #DG3057

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Nebula – Nocturnal


30mm – large

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