Chessex Borealis Icicle 30mm Single D6 Die


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Use a die twice as big as normal and marvel at the difference in your mood. We promise: a 30mm die imparts a gravitas upon your journey simply unattainable with smaller dice.

Borealis Icicle dice have been sustainably harvested from the frozen catacombs beneath a crystal castle floating in the clouds. Turn up your ethereal whimsy dial, then hit that blacklight and bask in the unearthly glow of an object not meant for mortal eyes. Excellent for royalty, angels, wizards, and sentient orbs of shimmering light. 

Chessex Borealis dice suspend waves of fine, color-shifting glitter in a translucent base. The Icicle colorway is clear with a holographic swirl that changes from blue to lavender. These dice have blue painted pips and contain a suspension of Luminary glow-in-the-dark, UV-reactive particles that, while otherwise invisible, glow green.

  • The perfect companion for your travels through the heavens
  • Sold individually – one “large” 30mm die
  • UV-reactive and glow-in-the-dark
  • Each die is unique – yours will vary from the one pictured 


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Borealis – Icicle


30mm – large