Cat Rocketship’s Deck of Many Things


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This is a Deck of Many Things based on the wondrous item in Dungeons & Dragons. Twenty-two wild and woolly cards that can lead your party to riches and glory… or to disaster and having your soul ripped into another dimension. Use at your own risk.

This 22-card deck is a physical representation of the renowned in-game item. Themed, protective bag available for purchase as well. Designed and produced in Des Moines, Iowa.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Deck of Many Things, it’s an oracle deck designed for use with Dungeons & Dragons that first appeared in Greyhawk in 1975, the very first supplement for the game. Different versions of the deck (of various sizes) have appeared over the years in different supplements.

This version comes from Iowa-based artist Cat Rocketship, and is a 22-card deck based on the 3.5 SRD rules. Cat’s art gives the deck a handcrafted, almost folk art feeling, and the baby blue silkscreened bag helps lend the feeling of a wondrous in-world arcane object. Whether you’re looking to add some classic flavor to your dragon game, or just interested in a unique oracle deck from an independent artist, this Deck of Many Things is sure to delight.

  • 22 standard tarot-sized cards
  • Silkscreened velveteen bag for storage
  • No booklet or tuckbox

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