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Taking cues from Little Witch Academia, The Owl House and high school anime, as well as Witch Hat Atelier and Discworld’s Unseen University, players will build the world together during play, make trouble, learn magic, fall in love, make friends and try to make it through a full school year.

Cantrip is unabashedly queer and explicitly rejects the reactionary and un-fun tropes that tend to show up in Magical Academy media and opts to tell a story that, while not free of conflict, is decidedly about girls living their best lives.

Cantrip uses the Belonging Outside Belonging / No Dice No Masters system to spin playful and heartfelt tales of academic witchery. Players collaborate to define their own magic school, and then create young upstart witches who must navigate their new, arcane skills, their own emotions, and their relationships with their school and classmates. Presented in a pastel, stickers-and-stationary style, Cantrip is a breath of fresh air both in tone and presentation.

  • 95-page, full-color, A5 softcover

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Fantasy, Slice of Life

RPG Systems

No Dice No Masters

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Non-Violent, Storytelling

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