Caltrop Mini D4 Dice Set


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Knave of Cups celebrates Caltrop Core games like Her Odyssey with a tiny set of tiny d4 dice – miniature Chessex Scarab dice, a metallic green and gold colorway that shines like the shell of a beetle (a really small beetle).

Caltrop Core games are designed around a d4 system, requiring players to roll one or more d4 dice to determine the success or failure of the actions they wish to take. If you’re still building out your personal hoard, where will you find enough dice to make this happen? Sure, you can let Google roll for you but that’s no fun. What you need are d4’s! A bunch of d4’s! Maybe five? Does that sound good?

  • Includes 5 Chessex Scarab Jade/gold miniature d4 dice
  • Suitable for playing Her Odyssey or other Caltrop Core games. Honestly, they’re perfect for any situation in which you need a handful of tiny d4 dice – okay, less than a “handful,” it’s more like you’ll be holding a couple skittles.

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