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Bunny, We Bought a Dungeon


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You are a group of anthropomorphic bunnies in a traditional fantasy world who have bought a dungeon to move in there together…

You know us, we’re suckers for a charming, tiny animal game.

Bunny, We Bought A Dungeon is a GM-less, zero-prep one shot that casts you as a sentient rabbit. And guess what? You and your pals bought a run-down old dungeon and you’re about to discover what you’ve gotten yourselves into! Create your bunnies and roll some dice to determine what you’re unearthing today. Don’t forget to draw a map as you go so you remember where everything is in your new burrow! Game includes 22 tables to help you imagine your bunnies and the kinds of stuff they’ll encounter as well as 10 folklore-inspired illustrations to help you set the storybook mood.

Plus, if you get really attached to your dungeon, you can keep using it as a setting in the game of your choice.

  • A GM-less OSR-flavored story game for 2-6 sentient bunnies
  • Requires a bunch of d6 dice including (at least) an even amount in two colors – the more dice the longer your game
  • 16 pages, A5 size, full color
  • English version

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Fantasy, Slice of Life

RPG Terms

Map-making, Non-Violent, One-Shot, OSR

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