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Bucket of Bolts


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You’ll create a brand new freighter, fresh off the manufacturing line, and explore its history through each of the people who captain it. Your ship will change as the decades pass – new names, new parts, fresh paint, fresh starts – until your story draws to a close.

You’ll choose your Captains, bringing them to life with names and details, and create stories of their time with your ship using prompts and tables. When you‘re ready to move on, you’ll choose a Fate for your ship. Maybe it’s traded away fairly, but more likely it’s stolen, captured or even wrecked. You might drift for a while as you wait for your next Captain, or the seat might still be warm when a new one takes over. Either way, the galaxy will change around you, and you’ll see it all from the view in the cockpit.

Bucket of Bolts is the sci-fi sister solo game to Artefact, (and perhaps an aunt to Skyworthy,) and like all games in the Lost & Found system, you play not as a person but as an object: in this case a starship that has seen a lot in it’s time. Like other games in the Lost & Found system, you create you ship which is then passed down from Captain to Captain, each one leaving their mark on you, modifying or perhaps damaging you along the way.

Play as a standalone game, or as a world-building tool for your favorite long-form sci-fi TTRPG.

In addition to being a great, short, sci-fi solo game, Bucket of Bolts is also a wondrous object itself! Presented as a gorgeous 2-color risograph printed single-sheet zine in fluorescent orange and blue, the zine is quite eye-catching. Be aware, some of the text is printed in fluorescent orange, which may be an eye-strain on some readers.

  • Single-sheet, 2-color risograph zine, folded to an A6 size

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Mousehole Press – Jack Harrison


Sci Fi, Slice of Life

RPG Terms

Diceless, GM-Less, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling

RPG Systems

Lost & Found