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Broken Luck


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Be a Kid God. A Holy Beast. A minor deity or a powerful mortal being. Whoever you are, you’re an unlucky traveller and you’ve crossed the childish Gods. Now your life is a mess. You wander across the spheres and hide from the vengeful immortals. You seek their secret palace to take revenge and free yourself from their wretched curses.

Broken Luck is a beautiful and enigmatic supplement for Troika! It contains 5 backgrounds which can also be used as NPCs, a spell grimoire based the Major Arcana of Tarot, adventure spark tables, a god generator, and more. All the art is from the unmistakable Perplexing Ruins, and the writing is by Iko of the Lost Bay podcast (among other things.)

As a bonus, each zine comes with a copy of The Life Egg, a one-page micro-setting for Troika! printed on shimmering silver paper.

  • A5 size, full-color, 16-page saddle-stitch zine
  • Includes one-page supplement

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Perplexing Ruins, The Lost Bay – Iko


Fantasy, Psychedelic

RPG Systems


RPG Terms

Adventure Module, GM-required, OSR, Tarot-driven

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