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BROKEN CITIES is a diceless, GMless tabletop RPG in which players take the role of Travelers coming to a City with adventurous goals in mind, while the City wants to convince them to go through the sacrifice needed to fix it.

Cities have lives of their own – personalities, desires, goals. A fantasy city is no different! Or a sci-fi city. Even an alternate-universe horror city. Add magic (or advanced robotics or malevolent intent), and now you’ve got a semi-sentient entity who might even ask things of its visitors.

A note from Jen: I think my city (Denver) is torn between its Wild West roots (a distinct “don’t tell me what to do” vibe) and its desire to become a futuristic haven (think: screens and apps and cutting-edge architecture).

Broken Cities divides players into two groups: The City and The Travelers. Using a deck of playing cards, you’ll determine what The City is like and what it wants. The City reveals itself over time as The Travelers learn more, explore, and concede to (or refuse) their host’s demands. Gamebook is written as a visitor’s guide (with plenty of in-world annotations) and includes info for creating your Travelers and fleshing out The City, as well as examples to generate locations, lore, and NPCs.

If you’ve played Côme Martin’s Meanwhile in the Subway, you know this is gonna be great.

Weird. Surreal. And great.

  • For 1-5 players (rules for solo mode included)
  • GM-less and diceless, requires a deck of cards for play
  • A series of low-prep, one-shot 3-4 hour ‘episodes’ tell the tale

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Côme Martin


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Surrealism

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Diceless, Duet, GM-Less, Solo

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