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Brave Zenith


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Brave Zenith is a post-fantasy tabletop RPG, set in a world inspired by Brazilian culture and long summer nights playing JRPGs on a pirated PS1. With a set of simple interpretative rules, that focus on player creativity and imagination, explore the ruined world of pastpresent, meet colourful (and deadly) creatures, see the sights of the Second City, partake in delicious Monkey Oil and become an adventurer:

Ambitious, indebted, BRAVE.

Brave Zenith is a light-hearted 2d6 game that blends together the mundane, the fantastic, the zany, and the tropical to create a truly unique setting. Reminiscent of video games like Chrono Cross or FFX, and maybe animation like Adventure Time or Pokémon, Brave Zenith is the sort of game where you can be a Jelly Mixologist doing battle against a gang of Cinnamon Skeletons. Stylish cartoon illustrations and colorful, easy-to-read layout make this book a true delight.

  • 113-page, full-color A5 softcover

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Roll 4 Tarrasque, SoulMuppet Publishing


Comedy, Fantasy

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