Bones of the Red Dragon


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Deep in the Skulking Wastes lie the remains of a great red dragon. She was destroyed in a mighty fireball that lit the swamp gasses leaving perpetual flames amidst the sodden land.

Gather your crew (theoretically running Cairn or 5e) and visit the beautiful Sulking Wastes! Wade into a flaming swamp! Discover previously unknown forms of fire itself! Hexcrawl through the still-burning remains of a mighty dragon! Woven into the spaces between her bones, you’ll meet menacing creatures, strange cultists, and unearth all manner of magical items. Will you emerge with the treasure you seek?

  • A hexcrawl adventure module for Cairn and low-level 5e
  • Includes a six-creature bestiary, magical items, encounters, generators, and more

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Brooklet Games



RPG Systems

5E, Cairn, OSR-Friendly

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, GM-required, Hexcrawl

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