Bone Bout


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The first boxing TTRPG about fighting in the grand Bone Bout, a tournament full of strange and interesting boxers in a world of skeletons!

Fight as a team, tagging in and out to destroy a variety of unique and interesting boneheads as you duck, dodge, dive and dodge to quick jabs in, storing Marrow as you save up for that final extravagant Haymaker!

Pick new Haymakers and sneak illegal items into the ring if you can, but try not to lose your head. Though no matter if you do, you can just put it back on again.

Beware, Marrowless Moe! Square off against Skullamantula! The world of skeleton boxing awaits you in Bone Bout, a combination fighting/mystery-solving RPG. Build your crew and tag-team against some of the undead sports world’s greatest names! When you’re not in the ring, investigate your gym. Everyone knows the undead sports world is also riddled with crime, supernatural happenings, and unsolved mysteries.

Bone Bout uses a grid-based item storage system, much like a video game, so you can decide what stays in your locker and what accompanies you into the ring or on a clue-hunting quest. Game includes an introductory mystery, plenty of skeleton boxer illustrations, and a guide for the Referee (GM) to manifest the gym of their dreams, as well as plenty of tables to help create the boxers you’ll fight.

  • 36-page, A5 zine with full color cover and interior
  • Art inspired by ’50s and ’60s boxing magazines

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Comedy, Horror, Mystery

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