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You, a powerful immortal and a creature of the night, are at the top of your game (and the top of the food chain) – until the moment you’re not. Bloodless is a solo RPG built on the Caltrop Core system that lets you star in the pulp vampire action-adventure of your dreams. You’ve been betrayed. Perhaps you’re hurt. You’re hungry, far from home, and sunrise approaches. You have six hours to get to safety. What – or who – will you encounter between this moment and the moment dawn breaks?

Play it goofy and surreal with a What We Do in the Shadows vibe, conjure street fights and vampire politics like Underworld, or go full blood rave like Blade. Wanna do, like, a pining-sexy True Blood thing? Cool – it’s a solo game! It’s all you!

  • 16-page staple-bound zine
  • Black, white, and red throughout
  • Requires a d6, a handful of d4s, two d20s, and a journal for play

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