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In the 30th Century a deep black ocean was discovered on a far off moon. Seemingly devoid of life, the leviathan was only discovered after it surfaced to mate with a lover that would never come.

You want a game with strong vibes? Bilge has vibes oozing out of every page. Extremely bad vibes. Rancid vibes.

In Bilge, you play as penal colony “volunteers” sent to map and mine a massive fleshy leviathan for precious ambergris (which cannot yet be synthesized the 30th century, sorry.) Grab your over-sized speculum and a family size tube of neosporin, because it’s about to get messy. Doors are sphincters, and locks are tendons clenching them shut. Enemies are parasites, (ok) the mutated remains of volunteers that have come before you, (less-ok) and the dreaded nemasites (very-not-ok.)

All of this is presented in a crunchy, retro-futuristic layout with eerie, low-res digital collage illustrations. Everything about Bilge is unique, from it’s setting, to its mid-crunch GM-less system, to its computer-from-hell presentation.

  • CONTENT WARNING: strong body horror
  • Requires a deck of playing cards, a roll of coins, a set of polyhedral dice, and graph paper for your horrifying, deadly map
  • For 2-4 players, with additional solo rules
  • 64 pages, 5.5″x8.5″ full-color, fully-illustrated zine

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Neon Rot


Horror, Sci Fi

RPG Terms

Duet, GM-Less, Map-making, Solo

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