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Knave of Cups cannot verify any of the claims that the Golden Ratio is 

  • extraterrestrial in origin
  • the ultimate mathematical expression of human beauty
  • supernaturally, perhaps horrifically, mesmerizing
  • the signature of God

But we can assure you it’s nice to look at. We can also tell you that Leonardo Da Vinci once illustrated mathematician Luca Pacioli’s book La Davina (The Divine Proportion) and Da Vinci called the visual representation of this concept aurea, the ‘Golden section,’ an idea that continues to inspire creators to this day.

Aureo Black is an elegant Renaissance-inspired deck in Black and Gold with a gold foil-embellished tuck case.

  • Printed on premium Bicycle® brand card stock with Air-Cushion® Finish
  • Tuck case with gold foil details
  • Made in the USA

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Dark Fantasy, Historical