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Suitable for simple old-style roleplaying fare. My synthesis of Dragon Games into the one I want to play and run. This is not a complete system; if there are gaps, fill them. I believe in you.

bastards. is colorful, simple, light. Just the bits you need to play, and that’s it.

Packaged in a small A6 zine with fittingly minimal but attractive layout, bastards. boils the traditional RPG down to a breezy, open experience with just enough crunch to preserve an old-school feel. Great if you’re looking to dip your toe into OSR-style play or if you’re looking for a clean system to create your own adventure modules for.

  • 40 full-color pages, staple-bound softcover A6 zine

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Micah Anderson



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Gamebook, GM-required, OSR

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