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You are a werewolf. Not by birthright, but as the result of a cruel and hateful magic cast upon you by a vengeful sorcerer. Many powerful mages have failed to lift the curse, but now you stand before an ancient magical being that promises hope, for a price.

Awoo! is a “dice and decision” solo game, part choose-your-own-adventure, part d6 world-building tables, and part adventure story. Chapter by chapter, your werewolf will progress through the woods. Roll a die to determine each chapter’s events and adjust your stats accordingly. Will you survive? Will you find it, the rarest of flowers? Can you satisfy the demands of the only being with the power to free you of your curse?

  • 36-page handmade A6 zine with a 250gsm cover
  • Requires one d6 die as well as pen and paper

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Estragon Helmer



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Gamebook, Solo

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