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Articles of the Arcana is a tarot-inspired supplement for Troika, the other world’s favorite RPG, created by the Melsonian Arts Council. It is a collection of new character options and campaign prompts, all accompanied by dozens of pieces of beautiful art crafted by an amazing array of artists.

This book is a module and requires a copy of Troika in order to play.

Troika is a tabletop roleplaying game that focuses on telling awesome stories without getting bogged down in rules. This meshes perfectly with tarot, which encourages you to interpret and impart meaning onto the game, not be confined or dictated by it. If you’re looking for a game that will let you tell amazing stories, Troika is for you. For a quick primer on Troika, we recommend checking out the official Troika website.

This 84-page book contains 36 character backgrounds each inspired by a card in the tarot, including the entire Major Arcana. You’ll also find new skills and spells for your character to utilize and 22 campaign prompts, each representing a part of the journey described in the Major Arcana. There are sections for incorporating your own tarot deck and using tarot draws to help run your game. It has everything you need to tarot your Troika!

Backgrounds are accompanied by tarot cards illustrated by Alex Perkins, Bri de Danann, Matthew Cartwright, and Thérèse Lanz. The book is rounded out with new skills, spells, and campaign and world-building advice, featuring art from Alec Sorensen and Amanda Franck. The stunning book cover is by Ignacio Paul.

If you are interested in the Tarot deck that uses the illustrations from the book, on-demand copies can be purchased from the Game Crafter.


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Fantasy, Psychedelic

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Articles of the Arcana, Troika!

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Adventure Module, OSR, Tarot-driven

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