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Articles of the Arcana Tarot Deck (Misprints)

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Based on the iconography of the Rider-Waite deck, the Articles of the Arcana deck represents the work of Matthew Gravelyn as well as Matthew Cartwright, Bri de Danann, Thérèse “Trez” Lanz, and Alex Perkins, with graphic design by Ignacio Paul.

These misprint decks were printed too dark but are otherwise complete and perfectly functional oracle decks. Most cards appear perfectly normal, but some seem to be cloaked in shadow. Perhaps an acceptable alteration of the vibes, an imperfect deck for imperfect readings.

  • Linen-embossed, UV-coated, 90 card tarot deck in tuck box
  • Deck does contain the 78 cards in a standard RWS deck
  • Standalone oracle deck or for use with Articles of the Arcana

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Matthew Gravelyn

RPG Systems

Articles of the Arcana, Troika!

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