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In the classic dungeon crawl, you follow the lives of adventurers as they overcome challenges to gain prestige and, most importantly, magical treasures. But what were those treasures doing before the adventurers came along? How many aeons have passed, in silent darkness, since they were last used?

ARTEFACT shifts the focus to the perspective of a single magical item, and its history as it passes through the hands of many different keepers. You’ll feel the weight of time as the item is lost or abandoned again and again, the dust & decay piling around it until it’s found again by someone new.

Artefact is the first solo journaling game in the Lost & Found system: you play as (gasp) an artifact, specifically one handed down from adventurer to adventurer over time, possibly the course eons.

This zine is both a wonderful contemplative game, and also an artifact in its own right: a beautiful 2-color risograph print in green and metallic gold ink, not saddle stitch, but rather an unfolding single sheet.

It’s also a perfect entry point into solo games for someone used to playing only games primarily about dungeons and/or dragons, or perhaps an elaborate world-building tool for a GM to create to history and lore behind a magical item in another game.

  • Single-sheet, 2-color risograph zine, folded to an A6 size

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Mousehole Press – Jack Harrison


Fantasy, Slice of Life

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Diceless, GM-Less, Solo, Storytelling

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Lost & Found