Art of Play Messymod Edition 2

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Adam G calls his minimalist style of visual design “messymod,” short for Messy Modernism. It’s born from his love of geometry, patterns, negative space, Bauhaus, Miró and a little too much caffeine. He explores the spaces between art and design, complexity and simplicity, organic and machined, static and kinetic, familiar and surreal.

Messymod celebrates dynamic geometry in black and white and red. A little creepy, a little Alice in Wonderland, and a little ‘street art outside your favorite coffee shop.’ Perfect for getting lost in surreal cities, mining the guts of an alien leviathan, taking on wild design projects destined to break your spirit, and goth poker nights.

  • Designed for Art of Play by TRÜF
  • Includes 52 cards in a matte black, metallic red- and silver- detailed tuck box with a custom silver seal
  • 3.5″ x 2.5″ x .5″

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Art of Play


Psychedelic, Retro Nostalgia

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