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The Maiden, The Mother, the Crone: the triple Goddess. This deck of playing cards celebrate the Moon herself, depicted as the neopagan goddess with three manifestations: the waxing, full, and waning moon. These cards are light and elegant, with gold and pastel inks, and delicate art nouveau line-art. Each royal card is illustrated with a different avatar of the goddess and each suit is a different twist on the three avatars.

The cards are perfect for cartomancy-style divination or just as an elegant and delightful deck for collectors.

From Art of Play:

Lady Moon is the archetype of The Triple Goddess and is an expression of the divine feminine throughout the phases of her life. Discover her story in every part of these playing cards.

Beautifully illustrated by Kelly Thorn in Brooklyn, New York, and produced with awe-inspiring detail by Art of Play. From their testament to early art deco motifs to their inspired mythology of a sacred trinity, Lady Moon Playing Cards are a marvel to behold.

  • Printed in rich color on fine linen paper by the U.S. Playing Card Company
  • Gold foil embossed tuck box and 56 playing cards (54 cards and 2 jokers)
  • Unique royalty illustrations and custom Pips
  • Packaged by hand and sealed with a vintage-inspired tax stamp
  • Made in the USA

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Art of Play, Kelly Thorn


Fantasy, Historical