Art of Play Dinosaurs by William Stout


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If I had a nickel for every card-based product illustrated by William Stout we carry, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.

These dinosaur-themed playing cards from Art of Play feature gorgeous ink and watercolor illustrations from a master of paleoart on each card. A truly lovely art deck that manages to be thoughtful, sumptuous, and playful all at the same time. The deck features illustrations on each card – some tableaus, and some decoratively framed using the pips. Each suit represents a different grouping of dinosaur species. Other features include hand-drawn indices and a dino-themed homage to the traditional “rider back” illustration.

Great for dino-themed games, or as a portable art gallery for fellow dinosaur lovers.

  • Printed in rich color on fine linen paper by the U.S. Playing Card Company
  • letterpress-printed tuck box and 56 playing cards (54 cards and 2 jokers), all with comic book style dinosaur art
  • Made in the USA

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Art of Play, William Stout



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