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A Harmonograph is a mechanical apparatus that employs pendulums to create a geometric image. Art of Play’s Cybernetic deck is a deck of playing cards that employs harmonographs to create a mood that is simultaneously mechanical and organic, minimalistic and ornate. The holo foil stamping on the tuckbox adds a shimmering haze to this already elegant and slightly psychedelic deck.

Perfect cards for games about psychic intrigue or planetary conjunctions.

From Art of Play:

The images on these cards were created through collaboration of man and machine. Ivan Moscovich patented his Harmonograph device in 1967 and soon after his revolutionary approach to drawing was featured in an exhibition titled Cybernetic Serendipity at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

A ground-breaking visual artist, inventor and author, Moscovich’s work attracted the attention of creative luminaries such as M.C. Escher and Frank Oppenheimer.

Cybernetic playing cards are a curated exhibition of 54 unique Harmongrams printed on the face of each card.

  • Printed in rich color on fine linen paper by the U.S. Playing Card Company
  • Holo foil embossed tuck box and 56 playing cards (54 cards and 2 jokers), all with unique illustrations
  • Made in the USA

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Art of Play, Ivan Moscovich