Art of Play Cabinetarium by Armando Veve


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Here at Knave of Cups, we understand the joys of a mysterious collection of strange and wondrous objects on a core, emotional level. We can only dream of curating a menagerie as fantastic and unnerving as has been gathered in this singular deck of playing cards.

Every card is illustrated with strange creatures and surreal objects, enclosed in a gold-foil embossed tuckbox illustrated to appear as an ornate curio cabinet, bursting at its hinges with quiet magic. We can confidently say you do not own a deck of playing cards anything like this deck. Unless you specifically already own this deck, in which case we stress that it also makes a lovely gift.

Good for surreal games, games about magical artifacts, or simply as a fascinating objét d’art.

  • Printed in rich color on fine linen paper by the U.S. Playing Card Company
  • Gold foil embossed tuck box and 56 playing cards (54 cards and 2 jokers), all with unique illustrations
  • Made in the USA

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Armando Veve, Art of Play