Art of Play 3D Card Star Kit


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Playing cards are very versatile. You can use them for games, gambling, divination, sleight of hand, projectile weapons, and now, POLYHEDRAL BUILDING BLOCKS! That new jigsaw puzzle can wait: grab a knife and cutting board, and build yourself the stellated rhombic dodecahedron of your dreams!

Using the included playing cards, an exacto knife or a pair of scissors (not included,) and a little time and elbow grease (ok maybe a medium amount of time, we did make the one pictured here) you’ll assemble a 12-sided, 3-dimensional star. Visually complex yet simple, the completed star makes a lovely decoration, and the process of creation is challenging and satisfying.

  • Each kit come with 12 playing cards, a plastic cutting stencil, and a single-sheet zine on blue paper with silver ink
  • INSTRUCTIONS FEELING A LITTLE UNCLEAR?  Learn from the folks at Art of Play here

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