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Alone On A Journey



We now have some seconds copies of the original print run available! These copies have minor blemishes: dinged corners, scuffed spines, rough cut pages, etc.

Alone On A Journey is a zine featuring three solo journaling and exploration games from designer Takuma Okada as well as a guide to writing a hack of those games.

Alone Among the Stars: Wander through space and experience wondrous sights.

Alone in the Ancient City: Explore the many districts of an ancient city.

Alone Among the Shifting Trees: Come across objects deep in a strange forest.

To play, you will need a journal and something to write with, a six sided die, and a standard deck of 52 playing cards.

  • 34-page, Black & White, saddle-stitch zine.

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No Road Home Games – Takuma Okada


Anthology, Fantasy, Sci Fi

RPG Systems

Alone On A Journey

RPG Terms

Journaling, Non-Violent, Solo

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