All Growed Up

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All Growed Up is a non-verbal(ish) party game where players take on the role of babies with lots of grown-up stuff to do. Embark on thrilling and comedic adventures with your daycare pals and make it back home before anyone gets caught! The catch? Nobody else understands a word you’re saying!

Remember Rugrats (1991), the cartoon series about a friend group composed entirely of toddlers? Now it’s your turn. All Growed Up is an episodic, collaborative game where you’re the stars of your own show. And also babies, in case that’s not clear. You’ve got a limited vocabulary but unlimited dreams and access to a grownup world of unlimited fantasy adventures!

  • For 2-6 players, GM optional
  • 16 pages, A6 saddle-stitched
  • Color cover and interior

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Reilly Qyote, The Afterthought Committee


Comedy, Retro Nostalgia, Slice of Life

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GM-Agnostic, Party