AJ’s Toy Boarders



Why promote war when we can let kids have positive toys that promote action sports?

Yeah, that’s right. Screw those pink girlboss toy soldiers: these little plastic folks are perpetuating sick tricks, not imperialist war crimes! (just kidding BMC toys we love you don’t cancel our wholesale account)

Established in 2013, AJ’s Toy Boarders came to be when their creator wanted an imaginative, dynamic alternative to toy soldiers. With roots in skate, surf, and snowboarding, the choice was obvious. Each figure has been hand-molded and represents real moves (though, to be fair,  in 2013 kids were still using camcorders to film their sick tricks).

What can you do with 24 tiny plastic skateboarders? What can’t you do? Turn your desk into a skatepark! Give ’em out to your pals. Use ’em as minis for your raddest TTRPG campaign. Hide them unexpected places and surprise your partner, roommates, or children. Take cool pics and stop-motion videos!

  • Each “Series 2” bag includes 24 green riders in 8 different poses
  • Riders are approximately 1.75″ x 1.25″
  • ** Ages 3+ small parts warning **

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AJ's Toy Boarders


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