After The Party


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After the Party is a gm-less roleplaying game for 2-6 players from World Champ Game Co, unofficially based on the album of the same name by The Menzingers and presented here as a 16 page zine.

Players use paper and 6-sided dice to make a map on which they will draw Memories and routes of Travel, creating a physical relic at the end to remember the game. They’ll also use a deck of standard playing cards to generate scenes and prompts along the way.

This is an exploration of nostalgia and memory, how present day can diminish or magnify the effects of rose-tinted glasses. You will wax poetic about times you once had together and trudge through times you’re making now.

This is a map-making game, exploring space and time together and seeing how changes in one can beget the other. You will create a physical relic together representing your journey that you can look back upon fondly once your game is over.

  • 16-page A5 saddle-stitch zine, full-color cover and inset, b&w interior

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GM-Less, Map-making, Storytelling