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Acid Death Fantasy


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The slate was not wiped clean — it was shattered into countless jagged pieces, splintering a new worlds with the debris of the old.

Expand your Troika adventures into a neon-flavored, post-apocalyptic desert world! From Luke Gearing and artist David Hoskins, Acid Death Fantasy transports players to a desert sphere ruled by the Many-Crowned Monarch and dotted wit the the Thousand Sultanates. It contains a light setting, 6 new backgrounds, and d66 tables for NPC and enemy encounters, as well as charts for generating Sultanates. Straight to the point, and chock full of delicious details and trippy sci-fi art.

Combine a dash of Mad Max, a dash of that one story with the big sand worms, (What was it called? Sand drift?) and add a hefty dose of psychedelics – welcome to Acid Death Fantasy.

  • 56 page, A5-size, full color hardcover book

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David Hoskins, Luke Gearing, Melsonian Arts Council


Fantasy, Psychedelic, Sci Fi

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Adventure Module, GM-required, OSR

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